The process works like this: 

It begins with a discussion of the concept and shooting details. I propose my ideas and assist with selecting a studio, and if necessary, a stylist and/or makeup artist. Afterwards, we book the studio together. Then I create a mood board with a shooting plan, examples of lighting, color, poses, and angles to make our work at the studio later as smooth as possible. 

The first 15-20 minutes in the studio are dedicated to equipment preparation and setup. During the shoot, I do my best to create a chill, relaxed atmosphere (with a great playlist included!), and will help you capture your best, genuine self in the photos! If you’d like that, we can work with playback, allowing photos to appear on the computer screen with preliminary color correction. You can pay for the studio and my work at the end of the shoot. 

The next day, I send you all the photos (excluding suboptimal ones). You can either select the frames yourself or I can do it for you. Retouching takes a maximum of two weeks from the selection date, but I usually send the final photos earlier.